Toddler attends piano lesson at Modern Music Studio in Barrie, Ontario

Beginner Piano Lessons

Students will begin by learning how to find each note on the piano. We discuss the “ABC’s” of music, the musical alphabet, and introduce students to “sharps” and “flats”. We learn basic melodies, some nursery rhymes, or melodies from popular songs. We will learn to play a major scale in the key of C, as well as a chord scale in the key of C. Students are introduced to basic music reading using both the Treble and Bass Clef, including basic rhythms. Best for students age 3 and up.

2 young children playing piano in Barrie Ontario

Intermediate Piano Lessons

Students begin to learn some music theory, including how to build a chord, and how to build a key using a chord progression. We will learn each major scale and each chord progression in every major and minor key. Students will be introduced to improvisation and “jamming”. More complex rhythms are introduced. We learn how to record at home, using a few very simple tools. Midi recording is introduced. I also teach students basic songwriting skills and structure. Best for students age 9 and up. 

A teenage piano student performs a recital in Barrie Ontario

Advanced Piano Instruction

Students begin to learn more technically difficult pieces. Advanced concepts in music theory are introduced such as circle of fifths, chord naming and chord building. Advanced improvizational tools are introduced. We take a detailed lzook at scales and modes. Advanced songwriting techniques and the opportunity to write a song, as well as transpose a piece of popular music. We also have students begin to form relationships with their peers and develop the necessary skills for playing music together in duets, trios, quartets etc.

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