Acoustic guitar played on stage in Barrie


The one that doesn't need to be plugged in. Wanna be like Bob Dylan? Think you might be the next T. Swift? Pick up an acoustic guitar and find out. Best used for campfire singalongs, indie folk jams and aspiring singer songwriters.

Young girl plays electric guitar on stage in Barrie


The one that DOES need to be plugged in. For those who like to ROCK! (we salute you!) Get Mom and Dad some earplugs as you learn to wail away on power chords and pentatonic scales. Best used for aspiring jukebox heros, guitar gods, and metal heads. 

2 young children attend a piano lesson in Barrie


For the home bodies or the extremely strong. Pianos aren't terribly portable, so you'll either be toning those biceps or hosting jams at your place. If you're more of an Axl than a Slash, then this is your instrument. Best used by fans of Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Queen, Elton John, The Beatles, and Alicia Keys.

Bass guitar lesson in Barrie


The one that gets felt more than heard. Want to be the most important band member that no one knew about? More in to Uptown Funk than Uptown Girl? We need you slappin' that bass my friend! Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee, Flea & Carol Kaye all were the driving forces behind their bands. Best used by those who consider themselves funky!

Vocal lesson in Barrie


Can't stop singing in the shower? on the schoolbus? anywhere and everywhere? You my friend, are a vocalist! Follow in the footsteps of Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Justin Timberlake (or that other Justin?). Best used by those who just can't stop singing! Bonus feature: you already own this instrument!

Drum lesson in Barrie


Thank heavens for drummers, because NO band is complete without YOU! Best for those with extremely loving parents (did we mention this is not a quiet instrument?) or perhaps property with a shed far far away from civilization. We're joking of course. Modern technology makes drumming a much more peaceful affair with a set of e-drums and some nice headphones. But it's more fun on the real thing of course! 

Ukulele lesson in Barrie


Find those guitar strings too harsh on the fingers? This ultra portable instrument is a great compliment to any group, especially indie folk bands or acoustic duets and trios. Uke is so easy and fun to play it almost feels like cheating! Best for those that have a gentler softer side.  

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Modern Music Studio

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