Can’t get enough Red Hot Chili Peppers? Have the bass turned to 11 on your favorite songs? Is your favorite riff of all time Stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious” or Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust"? You may be a bass player. Symptoms include, infectious need to groove, being “all about the bass, ‘bout the bass, no treble,” and thinking your guitar player friends are “wankers”.

The world needs more bass players. You’ll always have a gig if you learn to play the bass. And what’s not to love? In the words of Flight of the Conchords, it’s the Dad guitar. And who doesn’t want to be the grand daddy of the band. Playing bass is so much fun, and since it’s only got 4 strings (well, the standard version anyhow), the theory and patterns are that much easier than on a standard six string guitar.

Woman plays bass guitar at Modern Music Studio in Barrie Ontario

Beginner/Intermediate Bass Guitar Lessons

You’ll learn scales, root and fifth patterns, and octave patterns to start. You’ll also learn techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and how to properly slap that bass. You’ll learn some of your favorite bass riffs, learn some chording and arpeggiation techniques, and even learn what makes your favorite riffs so cool with some lessons on the music theory behind them. Feel the rhythm in your bones? The bass is a great way to get groovy. Excellent beginner songs include: Led Zeppelin "Dazed & Confused", Green Day "Hitchin a Ride", and The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army".

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